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Grease, sludge, roots, toys – Nothing in your drains is safe from our powerful hydro-jet drain cleaning process! High-pressure, hot water cleans all of your lines. Our drain conditioner preserves your pipes. Our video inspection gives you assurance that your pipes are cleaned. Get back to work now with The Flood Team’s professional drain cleaning services.


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Your commercial property gets a lot of use. You rely on your drains to be clear to keep business running as fast as you work. This is why we offer fast, powerful, and reliable drain cleaning services. Big rooter can leave sludge in your pipes, leaving you with the same issue a few days later.

From the largest blockages, to the most-used pipes, our hydro-jetter blasts through even the toughest clogs and cleans your pipes to like-new condition. Give us a call or fill out our form to get immediate help.

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